About the Festival

Information about the NVC Festival


Now it’s time again!

A four-day festival in early summer for anyone interested in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The Festival is organized in tradition with the European NVC Summer Festivals. There will be a set structure based on Open Space – a self-organizing model – with workshop blocks, empathy groups, community gatherings, a “No need for talent show” among other things. There will not be a prepared program, but it is the Festival participants themselves who offer different workshops. To attend the Festival, no previous experience in NVC is needed. A good prerequisite for participating is a desire to explore how we influence each other with our communication and how we can cooperate without domination and submission.



June 11, 2020 at 16:00 (Thursday) – June 14, 2020 at 16:00 (Sunday) 


Tollare folk high school close to Stockholm

Contact and info:

joachim@jberggren.se, +46 70 770 66 21


Joachim Berggren Kommunikation 

Joachim Berggren is a certified NVC trainer. He organized the two previous year’s Festivals, participated in seven European NVC Festivals and was one of the co-organizers of the European NVC Summer Festival that took place at Tollare in 2014. He is also co-organizing this year’s European NVC Summer Festival 2020 near Malmö.

All photos are taken by participants at the “European NVC Summer Festival” 2014, which took place at Tollare.  




Thursday 11/6

Friday 12/6 Saturday 13/6 Sunday 14/6
-08:00   Morning Activities Morning Activities Morning Activities
07:30-09:00   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
09:15-10:00   Community meeting Community meeting Community meeting
10:15-12:00   Workshop 1 Workshop 1 Workshop 1
12-13:30   Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30-15:00   Workshop 2 Workshop 2 Workshop 2
15:00-16:00   Free time / Play Free time / Play 15:15-16:00 Closing ceremony
16:00-17:00 Opening ceremony Empathy groups Empathy groups
17:00-18:30 Dinner Dinner Dinner  
19:00-20:00 Community meeting and empathy groups Community meeting Community meeting  
20:15- Workshop 3 Workshop 3 No need for talent show  


Cost of participation

Fee for the Festival:

500-1500 SEK for the Festival – accommodation and food paid additionaly (if you choose it).

I use a sliding scale of prices for the Festival to enable the participation of people with different economic conditions. If you have financial opportunities to pay more than 500 SEK for participating in the Festival, you contribute in several ways:

  1. It gives people who otherwise could not afford to attend the Festival the opportunity to register for a subsidized price.
  1. It gives the organizer financial compensation for the work of arranging the Festival.
  1. Money is a kind of tool to direct energy. Whatever you put energy and money into you will see more of it in the world. This is a good opportunity for you to manifest that wish.


Cost of the food at Tollare:

Breakfast 90 SEK (total 270 SEK)

Lunch 138 SEK (total 414 SEK)

Dinner 180 SEK (total 540 SEK)

Children 0-2 years eat free, Children 3-12 years pay half price


Accommodation cost per person:

Single room 818 SEK per night (total 2454 SEK)

Double room 482 SEK per night (total 1446 SEK)

Extra bed, not for dormitory/tent 168 SEK per night (total 504 SEK)

Dormitory, bring your own mattress and bedding 168 SEK per night (total 504 SEK)

Tent, bring your own equipment 168 SEK per night (total 504 SEK)

Your registration is confirmed when you have paid at least 500 SEK per participant (not children). Children without their own income pay no festival fee.


Price example for participation in the Festival (with minimum fee 500 SEK/adult):

Adult in single room, eating all meals: 4178 SEK

Adult in double room, eating all meals: 3170 SEK

Adult in dormitory/tent, eat all meals: 2228 SEK

Adult, not accommodation, eating lunch and dinner: 1454 SEK

Two adults in a double room with one child (3-12 years), extra bed, eating all meals: 7456 SEK 

Key concepts during the Festival

Community – Community refers to a group of people who share something together, such as housing, values, interests.

Empathy group – A group of three to five people who meet every day during the Festival. The empathy group can be seen as your safe base during the Festival. Here you can share thoughts and feelings, express yourself with honesty and be listened to with empathy. You also get the opportunity to listen to others. There is both a chance to choose your own group or to be randomly divided.

Conflict Management Group – A resource group that can be used if two or more parties fail to cooperate or agree on a common strategy.

Community meeting – During the morning meeting, all participants gather and after remembering and announcements participants present their workshops offers and other activities. In the evening meeting, there is a chance to meet all the Festival participants. We share the learnings from the passing day as well as grief and joy.

Announcements – During the morning and evening gatherings, which are the occasions during the day when we all meet, there is the chance to present information concerning all or many of the Festival participants.

Morning activities – Morning activity is something we do before breakfast together with others (or ourselves). It can be, for example, meditation, yoga or a run.

No need for talent show/Non-talent show – A tradition in many NVC gatherings. The last night we gather and share something we like to do or something that is a challenge for us. It may be singing a song, reading a poem, presenting a sketch or some other performance.

NVC, Nonviolent Communication – The reason why we meet. NVC can be described in many ways: a communication method, a tool for conflict resolution, an approach, a lifestyle or a life philosophy. What is your favorite description?

Remembering – The morning community meeting starts with a remembering. Often someone reads a poem, plays a song or reads a text that reminds us why we devote ourselves to NVC.

Guidelines – A document we approve for maintaining community and cooperation during the Festival.

Workshop – There is the possibility for all participants to share their knowledge or invite others for joint exploration, mainly around NVC and also other subjects.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


When registering, is the price for food per day or the whole Festival?

– The box is for three meals. If you want a different option: write a comment in the comment field.

Is it possible to live in a camper at the Festival?

– It is possible to live in a camper/caravan. The price is the same as for tents and dorms (168 SEK/night/person). There are two places for electricity.

Why is the prize for the Festival  500-1500 SEK?

– A price range makes it possible for participants with different financial conditions to participate. If you pay more than 500 SEK, you allow the organizer to offer space for participants who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate. You also contribute to the organizer receiving financial compensation for the work of arranging the Festival.


Before signig up, read the participation guidelines:

Guidelines for participation in the NVC Festival