Guidelines for participation in the Swedish NVC Festival 


After experience from previous NVC festivals, all participants are asked to read and give their consent to the following guidelines.

As a participant at the Swedish NVC Festival, I intend to follow the following guidelines to my best abilities:

  • I take responsibility for my actions, my feelings and my needs.
  • I am aware that others are responsible for their actions, their feelings and their needs.
  • I am aware that all participation in various activities during the Festival is completely voluntary.
  • I am fully responsible for my own mental and physical health.
  • I am aware that the NVC Festival is not a therapeutic forum; if I have psychological difficulties, I am encouraged to seek support in my circle of acquaintances or seek professional help.
  • I avoid actions and statements that risk hurting others.
  • If someone acts or makes statements that risk harming others, then:
    1. I address this to the person concerned. If this is not possible,
    2. I seek support from another participant and address this to the person concerned. If this is not possible,
    3. I contact the Festival’s conflict management group.
  • I am aware that if someone has contacted me regarding my actions and/or my statements and I do not stop them, the Festival’s conflict management group may ask me to leave the Festival and the course facility area. This should be done as soon as practically possible and I will not be compensated for financial costs.